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What People Are Saying About The Third Option

"I thought it was foolish for my wife and I to attend The Third Option . . . after all, we've survived all kinds of stresses through the years. I learned, however, that I could make our marriage even better by learning new skills."

"In The Third Option, we learned communication and relationship skills that we had never developed before. We learned that a good marriage takes commitment and work and we're finding the joy together that we had all but forgotten."

"We were married only a few weeks when we found ourselves with the same kinds of issues that had destroyed our first marriages. The Third Option helped us learn to build the skills we needed to make our marriage last."

"I wanted to make sure I had tried everything before I went through with the divorce. I'm so glad I did! Out of bad can come good!"

"The Third Option was the thread that held us together while we worked things out."

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